The first book about Wargaming Experiences published in 2020, starting the collection of discussion on all topics related to wargaming. 

Wargaming experiences: Soldiers, Scientists and Civilians presents wargaming from the perspective of professionals, researchers and players. It is more a debate than a monologue, with many perspectives on the same problem. The first five chapters discuss the basics and essentials, as well as dilemmas of wargaming. The following chapters present the author’s experiences collected over the last years in wargaming: the Baltics States security, the skills of liaison, the critical infrastructure in the Middle East, the Ebola epidemic, the Escape Room, the Battle of Mosul, the Skripal assassination, the Joint Cooperation exercise and alternative scenario of NATO Collective Defence. Those experiences are based on the player’s impressions, designer’s notes, after action reports and scientific sources.  The collection of the experiences provides a comparison of various wargames tested and implemented in different locations, as well as the conclusions which were drawn based on their reception. It concludes with a last experience, that extends beyond wargaming.

This book is for all who see themselves as humans in wargaming, in all perspectives, for finding yourselves while reading about experiences and recognizing better paths. Soldiers professing in their skills, scientists using it for research and civilians who join them at the table.



First books are shipped! The first batch was sent out in the first week of June 2020. 

October 2020

The second batch of Wargaming Experiences has been sent out. Books have reached readers in Indonesia, Switzerland, Australia and Poland. USA remains to be the biggest receipient of the book. 

The third batch will be sent out in November. 


Introduction to Wargaming Experiences

You can read an article with extended introduction to Wargaming Experiences in the Wargaming Issue of Ludology:

It explains wargaming in an approachable, experiental way. 

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